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Welfare state and co-production

BBC Radio 4's State of Welfare on 27 November looked at the welfare state.

BBC Radio 4’s State of Welfare looked at the future of the welfare state.

Julia Slay of the New Economics Foundation talks about the co-production of public services – read her 6 suggestions for change.   You can also listen to the whole programme.

Julia is a friend of WCEN.

From Neighbourhood Renewal to the Big Society?

Come & join us in celebrating 10 years of WCEN on 22nd November at 6pm in Battersea.

Maurice Glasman will be speaking and we will be hearing from many friends who have supported us over the years.  What will the next 10 years in social policy and community empowerment look like?

Plus – it’ll be a great party :)

Download an invitation and register your name.

Healing Our Broken Village II

The second conference on the church, black communities and mental health is taking place today at New Testament Assembly in Tooting, with Dr Frank Keating as keynote speaker.

Aaaruthal – mental wellbeing & the Tamil community

A packed conference in two venues – the Shree Ghanapathy Temple in Merton and Springfield Hospital in Wandsworth – on collective trauma and the mental wellbeing of the Sri Lankan Tamil community in London also looked at how local religious communities can ‘co-produce’ health services with the NHS to good effect.

A short film of the event is posted on the WCEN website.

Data & mapping: government publication or citizen conversation?

At WCEN we’ve been looking at how local communities, especially those on the edge, can get the local information that government holds on us (eg on how healthy we are, where crime is happening).  If we have the same data as they do, we’ll be better able to come up with ideas on how to make our local communities healthier, safer, etc – and work with the public services to make it happen.

We’re particularly interested in mapping, with data arriving as live feeds.  And we want to be able to add our own information. So far we’ve talked to academics, mainly geographers, about possibilities.

With co-production / coop councils / Big Society ideas all around, I was happy to find Hadley Beeman’s new blog on government open data – & all the comments it’s attracted.  Have a look – all kinds of government officials, policy wonks, computer types, academics are contributing.

Closing the Gap: co-production of health services

Packed WCEN conference “Closing the Gap” (between health services & local communities) in Wandsworth. It followed several meetings at places of worship and other community groups where Wandsworth NHS board members listened to the difficulties some people face when trying to get the health care they need.

Latest film is now on the WCEN website.

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