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Southwark Cathedral – parish & social mission

Southwark Cathedral stands in an ancient part of London.  Its parish lies in the centre of a globalised city which is experiencing unprecedented change: high-end regeneration along the riverside (including the Shard), increasing numbers of students and a long-standing local population which doesn’t appear to be benefiting from recent developments and which faces financial, educational, health and welfare reform challenges.

How will the Cathedral respond to this?  How should it use its assets?  Straddling both the glamorous riverside and the down-at-heel social housing areas, the Cathedral is in a unique position to work with local people and partners, bringing together experience and expertise for the benefit of all.

This report brings together statistics and qualitative research to capture the potential of an inner city area with an unusual history, an engaged Cathedral, a lively and diverse population, world class business and arts institutions and a range of pioneering civil society organisations.

Southwark Cathedral cover pic

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